term of use

1.    Items which shall not be accepted:

-      Goods, documents, substances which violate the governmental regulation on substance dispatching dispatching prohibition, etc.

-      Goods, substances, which may cause danger, hazard to personnel's, mean of transportation and/or equipments.

2.    Shippers right and obligations:

-      Fulfils all required information on the Air-way bill.

-      Provide all required legal document concerning to the items (if any).

-      Assure the items are packed in good condition which appropriate and safe for transportation.

-      Made in  ask inquiry asking Viet An for compensation according to regulation, proclamations set out by Viet An

+ The maximum compensation for domestic express document is $20.0/awb.

+ The maximum compensation for domestic express package is $2.0/kg.

-      Pay all charges.

3.    Viet An’s liability:

-      Reserve the right to refuse any package which by reason of dangerous, illegal of any other character of its contents.

-      To be responsible for insuring express item’s security from sending ti delivery time.

-      To be responsible for loss or damage is governed by parcel, item rules and regulations.

-      Viet An’s shall not refund the amount of charge for the following cases:

+ The items is delay due to force majored such as earthquake, perils of the air, inundation, civil war, acts of God, embargo or restriction of government, ect.

-      + Viet An is unable to deliver the items because of any causes which made by shipper or consignee refusal of receiving the item.

-      The supplier shall not be liable the following cases:

+ Item is seized confiscated, destroyed, etc by law or regulation or government authorities in the origin or destination.

+ Item is perishable substance.

+ any special, incidental or consequential loss, damages and delay in delivery, such as loss of income, profits, utilities or items which kept by, ect

+ Claim is not made within regulation period.

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